EAC: Curb your leaf piles, avoid raking into street

The Ecology Action Center holds composting workshops, with one coming up Nov. 13. (Photo Pixabay)


By Neil Doyle

NORMAL – It’s leaf raking time in the Twin-Cities and an organization is reminding residents to not rake leaves into the street.

Ecology Action Center assistant director Larissa Armstrong said it’s important to make sure leaves remain on the curb for removal.  Leaves can clog storm drains and cause street flooding, according to Armstrong.

“If in the street, they can get washed into the storm sewer system and that leads to creeks, streams, and lakes, which then takes oxygen out of the water for plants and wildlife living there,” Armstrong said.

Another removal method, composting.

“It really is easy, just use an outdoor bin and you’ll want to include things like fruit, vegetables, coffee ground and eggshells, then add dried leaves, grass, and other plant materials,” said Armstrong.

The EAC offers compost workshops, with an upcoming session Nov. 13.

Other removal tips include keep some leaves in garden bins, and use the lawnmower on a higher setting and keep some of the leaf debris on the ground to act as a natural fertilizer.

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