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The Coordinated Advertising Campaign that Delivers Results. Guaranteed.

Radio consistently delivers the highest return on investment of any other local media option available. When we pair the power of our station with our highly effective digital, mobile, and social solutions, the results are unbeatable.

In fact, we guarantee it.

To learn more about how our radio, digital, and coordinated advertising campaigns can help meet your marketing objectives, or to see if you qualify for the EPiC Guarantee, please fill out the form to the right.

To learn more about how our radio, digital, and coordinated campaigns can help meet your marketing objectives, or to see if you qualify for the EPiC Guarantee, fill out the form below.


We are so confident in our ability to drive results for our clients, we became the first and only local radio station group to guarantee our results. The EPiC Guarantee, an exclusive program available to select qualified clients, delivers all of the benefits of a coordinated radio and digital campaign, PLUS a guaranteed minimum number of Engaged Potential Customers (EPCs).

EPCs are ready-to-go prospects who have been exposed to a campaign and motivated to fill out a form or call your business asking for more information. They’re primed for you to easily take them from Engaged Potential Customers to Engaged Potential Customers.

How It Works

We create a coordinated Radio and Digital marketing campaign featuring your “Great Offer”

The campaign drives Engaged Potential Customers (EPCs) to fill out a form or call you to let you know they’re interested in your company

We deliver the EPC contact info in real-time so you can quickly and simply turn our EPCs into your customers

If we don’t deliver the minimum number of EPCs by the end of the campaign, we’ll extend your campaign at no cost


Labor Day – Expanding voting rights for all

By Mike Matejka Because of COVID, there is no Labor Day Parade this year.  It’s always a great event for our everyday workers to march proudly down the street and enjoys the festive crowd. If there had been a parade, this year’s Labor Day theme was to be “150 years of struggle: your right to vote.” …

Is federal mobilization the answer?

By Mike Matejka As President Donald Trump threatens to send federal marshals into Chicago, over the objections of Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, recall another Illinois Governor who protested the incursion of armed federal personnel into the city.   Those federal troops, rather than calming, escalated the situation, leading to deaths and violence. Illinois poet Vachel Lindsay…

In these troubled times, to my fellow white Americans

By Mike Matejka Our nation is at a unique watershed in human relations. African-Americans have been killed too many times in the past before George Floyd, but the response to this man’s death is international and all-encompassing. I was a grade-schooler during the Civil Rights 1960s. I watched Birmingham demonstrators hosed and the Selma – Montgomery…

Workers’ Memorial Day – Remember those whose job took their life

Looking around our community, when we say employer, most will respond to State Farm, Country, or Illinois State University.   We too often forget those who are building our roads, serving our food, or our public employees. COVID-19 has made us more aware of the risk.  Going to work every day for some people means…