Sen. Durbin: Leaked document ‘changes’ upcoming election

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin. (Photo courtesy: Dick Durbin/Twitter)

By Blake Haas

WASHINGTON – Illinois Senior Senator is lashing out at Republicans after a document leaked from the Supreme Court suggesting a possible overturn in the Roe v. Wade case.

According to Dick Durbin (D-IL.), the leaked document opens up a can of worms with a Republican stronghold on the nation’s highest court.

“If they (Supreme Court Justices) are going to be so literal in their translation, be prepared because this culture war is going to take us beyond abortion; it’s going to take us into family planning, the rights of those who are LGBTQ and certainly gay marriage are all at stake in this culture war that the Supreme Court are pushing on the American people now.

“I guess it’s a day of happiness for Sen. McConnell and others. They’ve been focusing on changing the federal judiciary. Look at the lengths they went to to make sure they got an extra vote on the Supreme Court.”

At the footsteps of the nation’s capital, the Democratic Whip, who said he’d read the leaked document, said this is a breach of the high court.

“The credibility of that institution is as stake as long as we are dealing with this kind of extremism. We have to gather together and say there’s one basic saving grace. The constitution envisions so many things; it even visions this possibility.”

According to Durbin, the leaked document is “changing” the upcoming November election.

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