Nord: Stronger expectations and goals needed for Connect Transit

Stan Nord said it’s up to both Bloomington-Normal town councils to help solve problems surrounding Connect Transit. (Howard Packowitz/WJBC)


By Neil Doyle

NORMAL – Normal Town Council member Stan Nord said more specific expectations and goals are needed when it comes to Connect Transit.

The transportation system has been a hot topic in the Twin-Cities. The transit board voted in March for a series of fare increases which are scheduled to start this fall, along with the elimination of the Olive route, which runs from Main and Orlando in Normal to near Fort Jesse and Hershey Roads, east of Veterans Parkway.

Nord told WJBC’s Scott Miller groups like Citizens to Ensure Fair Transit (CEFT) have different expectations and perceptions from those of the transit board.

“After talking to these different groups, I realize the expectation is different. Connect is going along and is thinking that public transportation is to serve one particular need, and not to say they are doing it intentionally to do anything wrong, but their expectations are different than some of these other groups,” said Nord.

“As the councils in both towns, we are the ones that set up Connect. It’s really our responsibility and obligation to redefine what the goal is and get people on board,” Nord added.

Nord added he wants Normal Mayor Chris Koos to fill a vacancy on the transit board.

Two current Connect Transit trustees represent Normal. They are Chairman Mike McCurdy and Julie Hile.

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