Local travel agent backs Allegiant Airlines

Tim Davis of Direct Travel is offering support for Allegiant Airlines. (Photo courtesy Flickr/Burmarrad (Mark) Camenzuli)

By Patrick Baron

BLOOMINGTON – A local travel agent is disputing a report from 60 Minutes that claimed Allegiant Airlines has placed passengers on planes with safety or maintenance issues.

The report highlighted over 100 mechanical issues the company has experienced since 2016. Tim Davis of Direct Travel is backing Allegiant, saying the airline’s problems ended several years ago. He said if there was an issue that put passengers in danger, travel agents would demand answers.

“Allegiant doesn’t have any violations, and if they did we would call them on it, fine them and make them fix it,” Davis explained.

Davis said the report used data from a time when Allegiant was experiencing “growing pains.” He explained since those incidents, Allegiant has made improvements.

“They have upped their game and they are better than they were when they first got here,” said Davis. “They had some growing pains for sure, but they are what they are. They don’t make any bones about it.”

Allegiant’s stock has taken a blow since the segment aired on Sunday. Allegiant runs flights out of local airports, including CIRA.

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