Otter at Miller Park Zoo gives birth

river otters
Miller Park Zoo will auction off naming rights for two newborn river otters at its annual Zoo Do in September. (Photo courtesy Miller Park Zoo)

By WJBC Staff

BLOOMINGTON – Miller Park Zoo’s pair of North American River Otters, “Tallulah” and “Ozzie,” are the parents of two male pups born at the facility last month.

North American River Otters rarely reproduce in zoos and aquariums, but the birth of these otter pups is the fourth out of the last five years for the Bloomington zoo. Only four litters have been born this year at more than 100 accredited facilities.

“We’re very excited to announce the birth of these otter pups,” explained Jay Tetzloff, Miller Park Zoo Director. “We’re all looking forward to watching them grow up.”

The otter pups can be seen via a video monitor in the Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital room. The pups are anticipated to go on exhibit sometime in late March, once they develop further and learn to swim.

The opportunity to name the pups will be auctioned off at Zoo Do in September.

A new river otter exhibit is in the zoo’s master plan. The Miller Park Zoological Society is currently fundraising for implementation of the plan.


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