Report: 17 Illinois counties have dead people registered to vote

Polling center
A study shows 17 Illinois counties have more registered voters than voting-age residents.
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By Dave Dahl/Illinois Radio Network

SPRINGFIELD – The phrase “vote early and often” sounds cute in Illinois, but 17 of the state’s counties have a roll of registered voters which exceeds the number of voting-age residents in the county.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation reports 141 of the nation’s counties have this problem, and Illinois trails only Michigan and Kentucky in the number of counties so encumbered.

Counties “are under obligation by federal law, the National Voter Registration Act, to maintain accurate and current voter rolls,” said the group’s litigation counsel, Noel Johnson, “and the Department of Justice actually has jurisdiction to prosecute counties who are violating federal law. The Obama administration, under multiple attorney generals, has simply refused to go after any county that’s in violation of federal law. They simply have no motivation to do so.”

Franklin County 190 percent
Pulaski County 176 percent
Washington County percent
Henderson County 148 percent
Union County 138 percent
Rock Island County 133 percent
Alexander County 130 percent
Massac County 125 percent
Hardin County 119 percent
Mercer County 109 percent
Crawford County 109 percent
Wabash County 105 percent
White County 104 percent
Jersey County 104 percent
Jefferson County 102 percent
Sangamon County 101 percent
Scott County 101 percent

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