WJBC Forum: Explaining “The Donald’s” rise

Donald Trump
(Photo courtesy Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

By Bill Fike

How does a “compassionate conservative” like myself, explain “The Donald’s” recent rise in the polls after his debacle in the Fox News’ debate?  I think I have the answer.

After years of radical right wing conservative radio and T.V. talk show hosts, spewing out a daily dose of  ferociously vicious attacks on liberals, and on fellow conservatives that reject their propaganda;  20 to 30 percent of the Republican base has been radicalized by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity,  just to mention a few.  For example:  This radicalized group truly believes that anyone, even good Republican conservatives, that do not agree with even “One” of their extreme right wind talking points, are labeled as “Obama lovers”, socialists, communists, or even worse!  The word “compromise” does not exist in the vocabulary of this segment in the party.

Compassionate conservatives are “scared to death” of these extremists, for fear that these “talk show Nazis” will unleash their wrath on them if they appear not to be conservative enough.  This fact was demonstrated during the debate, when good traditional Republican candidates failed to “call out” Trump for his lack of policy facts!

Kudos to Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace for having the guts to ask Mr. Trump the tough questions. But NOW Kelly and Wallace are facing the identical attacks usually reserved for the liberal “drive by media”, by these very same talk show “blow-hearts”!

And with the intense competition between these political media extremists, to augment their market share and to ever increase their personal wealth; have realized that being more radical than the “other guy”, enhances their audience and boosts their ratings even further.

History will record that this phenomenon, being intensified by the effects of social media, feeds upon itself, forcing the Republican primary candidates to gravitate further and further to the severe right. Thus possibly causing the Republicans to loose another Presidential election, and again giving the Democrats majority control of the Senate.

Bill Fike owned and operated Winnie’s of Bloomington, Inc., (Winnie’s Menswear) from 1973 until his retirement in May of 2009. Bill also owned Churchill’s Formal Wear, LTD. from 1996 until he sold Churchill’s to James Carroll in March 2007. Bill and Cheryl just celebrated 40 years of marriage this past June 12, 2011 and they have one son, Joseph, and one daughter, Carmen. Bill was in the second graduating class of Illinois Central College in 1971, and then went on to Clark School of Aviation-Flight, obtaining both VFR and IFR flight certificates. Bill has been able to trace his family heritage back to his great, great, great grandfather’s family, A.C. Herron’s, (on grandmother’s side), who was one of the original settlers of Bloomington.

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