WJBC Memorial Wall: World War I

World War I Memorial Wall

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The World War I Memorial Wall lists a record of names of McLean County and Livingston County residents who served and perished in that conflict.

If you notice what you believe to be an error or omission, please contact us here.


Name Name Name
Abrams, George Hinthorn, William Roy Pierson, Willard
Abrams, Harry Holman, Herbert H. Pollitt, Thurman
Allen, Frederick Holman, Matthew Price, Hugh Mitchell
Allison, Clyde Lorraine Hoover, Ralph Quarnstrom, Herbert
Anderson, Jesse S. Huffman, Robert Redd, John M.
Anna, George Herman Humble, Auda A. Roberts, Maurice M.
Backhouse, Thomas Iehl, Edwin Rodman, Howard
Bailey, Eldie Jenkins, John Oscar Roebuck, Lee J.
Barnes, William Frank Johnson, Ransom Roth, Benedict J.
Bechtel, Orville Jones, Loring F. Ross, Alfred
Benedict, Ernest Jordan, Frank M. Rumisell, Harry B.
Best, Lyle Kaplan, Ben Ruyle, Wesley
Betton, John Kerber, Albert Louis Salzman, Harley B.
Blue, G. Dooley Killion, Wilbur Savage, Melvin
Bolin, Howard A. Kilgore, Leonard J. Savage, William
Bossingham, Melvin Kind, Clyde Schawader, Charles
Boydston, Richard Kitterman, Edwin C. Schreck, John E.
Broomfield, Hugh Knecht, Ernest G. Schroeder, Herbert
Brown, Earl Koch, Louis Karl Seeger, Walter C.
Burger, Dewey Kraus, John H. Sherburn, Leo
Campbell, Harry Lantz, Kline Alfred Sholty, Clayton
Campbell, William H. Lanzer, Fridolin C. Simons, George R.
Carlock, George Lash, Leslie O. Skinner, Fred
Carroll, James Maddock, Edward Smith, Alva H.
Chancey, Milo R. Martensen, Erwin P. Smith, Charles F.
Christie, Ralph Martin, Glen Smith, Clarence W.
Clarke, Charles A. Maxwell, Jennings Bryan Smith, Earl T.
Conley, Eugene McCarthy, Eugene Spence, Jesse G.
Cooney, Thomas McDavid, J.F. Spencer, Earl
Crotinger, Roy E. McVey, Thomas Steffen, Elmer
Crutchley, Roy F. Means, Owen Gilbert Stevenson, David B.
Daniel, Chester Metcalf, Grant E. Stewart, Archie F.
Daniel, Humphrey Miller, Carl E. Strayer, George
Davis, Bernard Miller, Clyde Robert Streenz, Chris
Davis, Louis Eddy Miller, Ulysses Stroh, William
Deckard, Isaiah Mishler, Harvey C. Sutherland, Edmund W.
Dickerson, Pearl Mitchell, Homer Warner Thoennes, Frank M.
Doocey, Elmer Mitchell, Roy F. Todd, Van
Dorrell, John L. Montgomery, Thomas Ulmer, Alva Roy
Dunlap, William Morgan, David Thomas Vereecke, Remi
Dwyer, Edward Myers, Harry C. Vincent, Leo
Eckhart, William H. Neal, Ruel Wakefield, John T.
Erbe, Joseph A. Nelson, Charles E. Wakefield, Maurice
Fike, Lyle Newcomb, Wayne Waltman, Edwin D.
Fletcher, Warren H. Niedermeyer, Arthur Wampler, Fred P.
Francis, George H. North, John Lincoln Watt, Rudolph D.
Grant, Earl O’Connor, Fred Weakley, Clarence
Grant, Ervin Paleran, Frank Webber, Warren K.
Golliday, William S. Painter, Charles Weiler, Louis
Greiner, Vergne Patterson, Clarence Earl Wendell, Edwin
Graehl, Harry O. Patton, William Robert Wheelock, George Gray
Harrison, Charles E. Peckmann, Henry White, Harrison W.
Hartley, J.W. Peterson, Bud Wiley, Howard
Hauptman, Joseph Pfiffner, Leslie G. Williams, Gus
Haynes, William Grover Piercy, Robert L. Wilson, John R.
Helmick, Thomas R. Pietsch, Harry Witt, Charles T.
Hensley, Willard
 Hill, Elmo F.


From: McLean County Museum of History, McLean County and the World War


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