WJBC Memorial Wall: Korean War

Korean War Memorial Wall

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The Korean War Memorial Wall lists a record of names of McLean County and Livingston County residents who served and perished in that conflict.

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Name Service Rank Birthday Home Death
Boyles, Wayne Eugene Marine Corps 1st Lt. 8/22/1921 Heyworth, McLean 9/30/1951
Brown, Orville R. Army Cpl 1931 unknown, McLean 2/6/1951
Conley, Charles G. Army Pfc 1929 unknown, McLean 7/11/1950
Croke, William V. Army Pvt 1931 unknown, McLean 7/27/1950
Curtis, Albert Noal Army MSgt 12/17/1915 Bloomington, McLean 12/1/1950
Duke, James D. Army Cpl 1923 unknown, McLean 11/28/1950
Kerns, Jerry Joe Marine Corps Pfc 10/29/1930 Bloomington, McLean 12/6/1950
Lipscomb, Melvin A Army Pfc 1931 unknown, McLean 7/30/1950
Matson, Charles F. Army Pfc 1931 unknown, McLean 11/28/1950
Meints, Kenneth W. Army Pfc 1927 unknown, McLean 5/18/1951
Morgan, Roger Leon Army Pfc 1931 unknown, McLean 2/12/1951
Morrissey, Raymond C. Army Cpl 1927 unknown, McLean 6/30/1950
Mosson, Carl R. Army Sgt 1927 unknown, McLean 12/21/1950
Nelson, Laurin R. Army Pvt 1929 unknown, McLean 9/15/1950
Nylander, Kenneth R. Army Cpl 1929 unknown, McLean 9/16/1950
Petticord, Harold J. Army Pfc 1930 unknown, McLean 9/3/1950
Plagakis, Louis Peter Marine Corps Cpl 2/15/1931 Normal, McLean 10/27/1952
Price, Thomas R. Army Pfc 1931 unknown, McLean 9/16/1950
Rist, Vinel Jr. Army Cpl 1930 unknown, McLean 2/12/1951
Rodgers, Franklin E. Army Pfc 1929 unknown, McLean 7/27/1951
Rouse, Charles W. Army Cpl 1923 unknown, McLean 9/19/1950
Shevokas, Leonard M. Army Pfc1 3/9/1927 Chenoa, McLean 8/8/1951
Sommer, Eugene Franklin Marine Corps Pfc 9/16/1928 Bloomington, McLean 12/2/1950
Spence, Carl Madison Air Force Tsgt 4/13/1930 Chenoa, McLean 2/22/1952
Stapleton, Thomas P. Army Pfc 1930 unknown, McLean 2/11/1951
Decker, Robert W. Army Pfc 1926 unknown, Livingston 8/27/1951
Green, Harold E. Marine Corps Sgt 4/16/1929 Pontiac, Livingston 5/23/1953
McMullen, James J. Army 1st Lt. 1917 unknown, Livingston 9/01/1951
McPherson, Gerald W. Air Force 1st Lt. 9/25/1920 Cullom, Livingston 6/30/1950
Wills, Earl E. Army Pfc 1929 unknown, Livingston 9/1/1950


From: Archives.gov


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