Fireworks Celebration

Who said you only had to see one set of fireworks this 4th of July? WJBC has you covered, check out all the places you can celebrate!

Town Date Location Time
Bloomington 7/4/19 Miller Park 9:15PM
Bloomington 7/4/19 Lake Bloomington Dusk
Normal 7/4/19 Fairview Park 9:15PM
Chenoa 7/4/19 South Division St. Football Field Dusk
Downs 7/4/19 Dooley Park 9:15PM
Dwight 7/4/19 Dwight Grade School 9:00PM
Pontiac 7/5/19 Pontiac Elks Club Dusk
Sibley 7/4/19 Sibley Lake Dusk
Paxton 7/4/19 Bixby Park Dusk
Eureka 7/4/19 Eureka Lake Dusk
Minonk 7/4/19 Suttons Park Dusk
Pekin 7/4/19 Pekin Memorial Stadium 9:15PM
Peoria 7/3/19 Glen Oak Park Dusk
Peoria 7/4/19 Peoria Riverfront Dusk
Chillicothe 7/4/19 Three Sisters Park 9:00PM
Clinton 7/5/19 Rt. 51 South and Kleeman Dr. 9:15PM
Bement 7/4/19 Forest Preserve Park Dusk
Streator 7/3/19 Streator High School Field 9:15PM
Farmer City 6/28/19 Farmer City Raceway Dusk
Towanda 7/2/19 Towanda Township Building Dusk
Lincoln 7/4/19 Lincoln Park District Dusk
Atlanta 7/7/19 Ball Diamond on 6th St & North St. Dusk


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