Unit 5 teacher named Teacher of the Year


Shawn Mann (left) was recognized by the Unit 5 school board on Wednesday night for his accomplishments in the classroom. (Photo courtesy: Blake Haas/WJBC)

By Blake Haas

NORMAL – Despite being a teacher for only four years, one local Unit 5 teacher has been named the Bob Haisman Teacher of the Year.

The Illinois Education Association recently honored Shawn Mann, a Unit 5 special education teacher at Colene Hoose Elementary School for his collaborative and committed relationship with his students.

Recognized at a Unit 5 school board meeting on Wednesday night, Mann said he was surprised when he received a phone call notifying him of his accomplishment.

“My initial reaction was just a lot of disbelief, and I am young in my career, I’m under five years in teaching, so it was hard to believe,” added Mann. “It was hard to believe. I am young in my career; I’m under five years in teaching, so it was hard to believe.”

The IEA award recipients were nominated and chosen for their awards by their peers. Mann’s nomination came from Unite 5 Education Association President Lindsey Dickinson.

“I think it’s always reflecting and it’s listening to your students, and changing what you are doing based upon your students,” Mann said reflecting on the award. “If something is not working being flexible with changing that. I also think as teachers just continued professional is really important.”

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