State’s Attorney, BPD to discuss Zimmerman murder probe after not guilty verdict

Kirk Zimmerman with one of his daughters after a McLean County Jury found him not guilty of killing his former wife in 2014. (Photo by Howard Packowitz/WJBC)


By Howard Packowitz

BLOOMINGTON – McLean County’s chief prosecutor said it’s not his call whether police will actively investigate the killing almost five years ago of Bloomington financial planner Pamela Zimmerman.

A jury on Monday acquitted Zimmerman’s former husband, Kirk, of her murder that happened in November 2014.

State’s Attorney Don Knapp said the investigation’s status will be a topic of conversation in the coming weeks involving his office and Bloomington Police investigators.

“How they dispatch their resources is not open to me. Those will be conversations we’ll have. After we debrief with this case, that will be an ongoing conversation we have,” said Knapp.

Knapp said that debriefing will hopefully involve Zimmerman trial jurors to find out what they believe were the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

“Whatever my personal thoughts are of what the evidence showed, it was up to them to make that decision, and we’ll debrief with them to the best of our ability. Maybe they’ll allow us to, maybe they won’t,” said Knapp.

Jurors do not have to meet with prosecutors. Several of them declined comment when WJBC News approached them on Monday.

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