USDA-NASS Release 2018 County Estimates

USDA-NASS has released the 2018 county estimates for corn and soybean production.

In McLean County, corn area planted was 314,500 acres with soybeans at 312,000. Corn area harvested was 313,500 with a yield per acre of 229.3 and production at 71,884,000 bushels. Soybean area harvested was 311,500 with an average yield of 69.1 and production at 21,516,000 bushels.

The Ford County area planted for corn was 142,500 with an area harvested of 141,800 acres. Yield per acre was 201.7 with production at 28,597,000 bushels. Soybean area planted was 134,000 acres with a harvested area of 133,500. Yield per acre was 62.1 with production of 8,291,000 bushels.

Livingston County’s corn planted area was at 297,500 acres with an area harvested of 295,500. Yield per acre was 207.5 with production at 61,323,000. Soybean planted area was 284,000 with an area harvested of 283,000 acres. Yield per acre was 62.4 with soybean production at 17,665,000 bushels.

Provided by Kent Casson/Central Illinois Farm Network


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