LG program utilizes technology

Corn rows

January 11, 2019

MINONK – Many farmers are using the latest technology on their operations which opens up the perfect farm playbook.

LG Seeds can perform on-farm testing in an area as small as two acres through Advantage Acre.

“A planter can vary the population within those two acres and we can pick up those harvest results, letting us know the most economical planting population for that particular field with that particular hybrid,” explained Bryan Lessen of LG.

Lessen says a whole new world has been opened up since growers have so much information right at their fingertips these days.

LG plot results were excellent last year, according to Lessen. The company had its breeding program operating at full throttle and those in the industry continue learning a lot about planting dates for soybeans. Early planted beans continue to see yield advantages.

An important pay discount for the company ends Jan. 15 so growers should contact their seed representative soon to get the best price. LG unified some brands recently which means Great Lakes is now part of the company.

“We are happy that all of our customers are coming with us and enjoy the experience of being a part of a national brand,” Lessen adds.

For more seed information, visit www.lgseeds.com or contact Lessen at 309-660-5974.


Content Provided By Central Illinois Farm Network – Ken Casson


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