Substitute Fair Hopes To Find Much-Needed Teachers

Regional Superintendent Mark Jontry hopes to mitigate substitute teacher shortages by hosting an event next week (Photo Regional Office of Education website)


By A.J. Harris

It might be difficult for teachers to take a deserved holiday trip to Barbados, or to even catch a cold, due to an ongoing shortage of short-term and long-term substitutes in local school districts.

However, The Regional Office of Education hopes to combat this problem by both implementing new educational requirements for short-term subs and hosting a substitute teacher fair next week.

Regional Superintendent Mark Jontry says that the requirement for short-term subs, which was previously a minimum of a four-year degree, has been lowered to 60 credit hours, or the equivalent of an associates degree.

“If you didn’t have a teacher’s license, now you only need 60 credit hours” he says, “this is helpful in that it gets more people eligible to serve as substitute teachers, so it’s helping us increase the pool”

The ROE will host the substitute teacher fair on Monday, December 17th, from 2:00-6:00 PM at their offices located at 200 W. Front Street, suite 500 D.  The goal of the fair, according to Jontry, is to find qualified teachers in order to fill the ongoing substitute shortages experienced by school districts across the area.

Representatives from school districts will be in attendance at the event in order to provide assistance with the application process to prospective subs seeking short-term and long-term licenses in order to start employing new teachers as soon as possible.

And, Jontry adds, it’s a great way for subs to earn extra money.

Maybe enough for that holiday trip to Barbados. Maybe.


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