Unit 5 teachers union head publicly slams administrators

UFEA President
Lindsey Dickinson, President of the Unit Five Education Association, at Wednesday night’s school board meeting. (Photo by Howard Packowitz/WJBC)


By Howard Packowitz

NORMAL – The head of the union representing nearly 1,000 Unit 5 teachers is expressing frustration that the school system’s administration is less than attentive resolving various issues.

“We work hard. We put in long hours. We need and expect the same from our administration,” said Lindsey Dickinson, President of the Unit Five Education Association.

Dickinson spoke out Wednesday night during the school board’s public meeting. Dickinson said she’s been sharing her concerns with the board privately for at least the past year.

According to Dickinson, it takes several days or weeks to get answers from the district office. She said unidentified administrators don’t show up for scheduled meetings or get work done on time.

“When our questions go unanswered, our requests go unfilled, and our concerns are met with no communication or follow-through, or solutions, it creates frustration and keeps all of us from being as effective and as excellent as we can be,” Dickinson added.

She said union members and other stakeholders have felt the same frustration. She declined to provide specifics, but might do so later if problems don’t get solved.

Superintendent Mark Daniel said Dickinson’s concerns are an internal matter, and they’re being dealt with.

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