New flu vaccine comes to you

New flu patch gets vaccine to those who might avoid the flu shot (WJBC File Photo)


By Katherine Murphy

If you would rather forego a flu shot than sit in the doctor’s office you may soon be able to be vaccinated with one trip to your mailbox.

Researchers have developed an injection free inoculation that looks just like a band-aid and arrive in the mail.

The flu vaccine patch is in the early testing phase but researchers say the vision behind the new treatment is to keep the public from sitting in a waiting room full of sniffling, sneezing sick people.

The new preventative uses a combination of three technologies with Microneedles on the patch that deliver the vaccine.

A liquid form of the vaccine has been tested on ferrets and the minds behind the science say a single vaccine fully protected the animals

Results of the ferret and early human trials were published Sept. 12 in the journal Science Advances.


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