Weaver supports term limits in Illinois

Chuck Weaver
Peoria’s Chuck Weaver doesn’t want to see term limits imposed nationally, but supports them in Illinois. (Facebook/Chuck Weaver)

By RFD Radio Network

PEORIA – State Senator Chuck Weaver of Peoria says he does not support term limits anywhere other than in Illinois.

Weaver said limits can cause legislations to lose elected leaders that have an array of experience and knowledge to bring to the table.

“I’m not on the fence at all. I think you lose institutional knowledge with term limits, also sometimes folks in the bureaucracy get more powerful as a result of term limits and elected officials lose power,” said Weaver. “Elected officials have to answer to the public.”

Weaver added Illinois has a “special problem” when it comes to a handful of individuals retaining power for longer than they should.

“In the state of Illinois I would support term limits in a minute because we have a different problem here,” Weaver explained. “It’s not about how much institutional knowledge we have. What our problem is we have too few people, too much power.”


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