Plane makes emergency landing on I-55

A Cessna, fixed wing single engine plane made an emergency landing after the craft suffered a loss of power on I-55. (Photo Courtesy Blake Haas/WJBC)

By Blake Haas

LINCOLN – After losing power a single engine plane made an emergency landing on Interstate 55 earlier Wednesday evening.

A Cessna fixed wing single engine registered to Kilo Aviation suffered a loss of power and was forced to make an emergency landing on mile marker 133 just north of Lincoln.

“I was surprised when I [saw] that plane sitting on the other side of the road,” added Fred Taylor, a semi driver who was headed northbound. “As soon as I [noticed] it, you could see where the plane had landed because there was a bunch of skid marks, and then he [the plane drove] into the middle and busted down the landing gear [and] that is the only reason he [the plane] stopped.”

The Cessna fixed wing single engine is registered to Kilo Aviation. Kent Cook, owner of the plane told WJBC News Director Katherine Murphy that given the circumstances it’s a good day as there were no injuries. Cook also noted that he’s not sure what will happen to the plane but added that’s secondary since everyone involved was able to walk away.

“I have never [seen this] and I have been out here [driving] since the fall of 1985 and I have never seen anything like that,” added Taylor.

WJBC reached out to Illinois State Police, but they declined to comment.

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