Rep. Brady cautiously backs Rauner’s plan for massive infrastructure bill

Dan Brady
State Rep. Dan Brady says he’ll work with Gov. Rauner on a bill to repair the state’s aging infrastructure. (Facebook/DanBrady)


By Howard Packowitz

State Rep. Dan Brady believes anything’s possible, given the sight of an American president meeting with North Korea’s dictator. However, the Bloomington Republican has his doubts whether Gov. Bruce Rauner can make good on his promise to invest billions of dollars on roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects by shepherding a massive capital bill through the legislature.

Rauner made the pledge Wednesday during an appearance in Belleville. Brady is not dismissing the idea, although he told WJBC’s Sam Wood it’s unlikely to gain the support of Speaker Michael Madigan and the Democratic-controlled General Assembly.

“I am on board from the standpoint of working to get something in the way of more capital because that translates into jobs, that translates into a lot of need across the state with brick and mortar,” Brady said.

The veteran lawmaker said the Democratic legislature has agreed to his and State Sen. Jason Barickman’s request to put legislation extending Uptown Normal’s tax increment financing district on the fast track for the governor’s signature. Rauner is expected to sign the bill that adds 12 years to the life of the TIF for undeveloped parts of Uptown Normal.

On another topic, Rep. Brady said sexual harassment allegations at the highest levels of state government are disappointing, but he offered no advise how best to handle the claims in such a toxic political and media environment.

“That’s a process that I don’t know that any one person that has forethought enough to think the best way to handle all of that when a lot of this is tried in the media and the courts of public opinion,” Rep. Brady said.

Rep. Brady, who’s seeking reelection this year in the 105th District, noted those accused of harassment have due process rights to defend themselves.

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