Waffle House shooting victim’s brother files suit against accused shooter’s father

Travis Reinking (pictured) was arrested for allegedly killing four people at a Waffle House near Nashville, having used a gun his father reportedly gave to him. (Photo courtesy Twitter/Metro Nashville PD)

By Jaymee Toler/WMBD-TV

PEKIN – The brother of a victim in April’s shooting at a Tennessee Waffle House has filed a lawsuit against the accused shooter’s father.

Christian Perez’s brother, Joe Perez, Jr., was one of four killed April 22 when Travis Reinking allegedly opened fire at the Waffle House in Tennessee.

On Monday, Christian Perez filed a suit in Tazewell County against Jeffrey Reinking, Travis’ father. Perez is the administrator of his brother’s estate.

Police say Jeffrey Reinking has admitted to returning guns to his son, despite the revocation of his Firearm Owner’s Identification Card. The lawsuit claims Reinking knew his son had mental health issues when he returned the guns to Travis. The suit alleges that, regardless of whether Travis’ mental state was stable at the time, his father knew it could deteriorate at any time.

Perez is seeking $50,000 and a jury trial. A management conference is set for October 18.


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