Bloomington Edge educates public on football concussions

Bloomington High School football pracitce
A youth football coach explains how proper tackling technique can reduce the risk for concussions. (WJBC file photo)

By Breanna Lee/WMBD-TV

BLOOMINGTON – The Bloomington Edge is trying to inform the public about athletic related concussions.

The indoor football league brought in its chiropractor to speak about what a concussion can cause, during a free seminar Wednesday night.

A proposal in the Illinois Housewould prohibit anyone under the age of 12 from playing football, but some local football advocates believe there are other solutions.

Doctor Amyas Kabir said too many kids are sent back onto the field before their concussion has healed. A local youth tackle coach said he believes the repetitive concussions are partly caused by the way football players are taught to tackle.

“Keep your head up. At all times keep your head up,” said Chris Merrill, Head Tackle Coach for the Bloomington-Normal Cougar Football League. “And in fact, we talked to all the parents. We said the only time we’re ever going to raise our voice at your child, is if we see them playing football with their head down. Because that’s when we see the injuries start.”

Merrill said his league does concussion base-line testing, which tests a players neurological function. If they suspect a player has a concussion, they give them another test. If they get a lower score, they are pulled from the field.


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