WJBC Bracket Buster 2018

The return of Bracket Busters with Miller Lite and the Den, Highland Park and Prairie Vista golf courses. It’s our basketball bracket contest at Ride the Nine on March 14th.

Register online with your VIP account HERE

You’ll be matched up with a team in the tournament and every qualifier will win a prize. Qualifiers matched with the winning team win the grand prize: a Big Screen TV from The Den, ​Highland Park, and Prairie Vista Golf Courses. More great prizes from DP Dough, Medici, Joe’s Station House and Pizza Pub, Sunburst Nursery, Parkway Auto Laundry. If you don’t qualify online, come to Ride the Nine on Wednesday March 14th between 5 and 6 to be a last minute qualifier. You can only qualify once, must be 21 years and older and you must be present to win. Bracket Busters with Miller Lite, the Den, Highland Park and Prairie Vista golf courses at Ride the Nine on Wednesday, March 14!



WJBC Voices: The safe, legal and rare fraud

At one time, Hillary Clinton’s mantra about abortion was that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.”  I suspected then that she really meant only the “legal” part, and time has borne out that suspicion.