AWC Silver Awards set to celebrate women

The Association of Women in Communication is hosting its annual Crystal Awards this Thursday. (Photo courtesy AWC)

By Ashley Antonini

BLOOMINGTON – The Association of Women in Communication is hosting its annual Crystal Awards in Bloomington on Thursday.

These awards celebrate local women on their professional efforts that encompass different ideals in communication.

This past year it was apparent that women from all aspects of life were present in the headlines for reasons of sexual abuse or misconduct. After movements such as ‘Me Too’ and ‘Times Up’ it seems especially important to celebrate women and recognize the obstacles that many have had to overcome.

lllinois State University assistant professor Shelley Clevenger focuses her work on sex offenses and victimology. She explains the importance of uplifting and inspiring women of all ages.

“Celebrating women and empowering women, especially young women, can be really important so that we can see that women do have the opportunity to succeed and can do everything that men can do,” Clevenger said.

Clevenger adds that she hopes the these current movements will prevent future ones from having to happen.

“Fingers crossed [we can] prevent this from happening at all so that we won’t have to have movements, we won’t have to have awareness campaigns,” Clevenger said. “Hopefully we can prevent this from happening so that all of this will not be an issue 20 or 30 years from now.”

The Crystal awards will be held Thursday at the Double Tree Hotel in Bloomington, with doors opening at 5:30 p.m.

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