Bloomington aldermen hire consultant to perform city manager search

Interim Bloomington City Manager Steve Rasmussen at Monday night’s city council meeting.
(Photo by Crystal Donaldson/WJBC)

By Howard Packowitz

Bloomington aldermen have decided to conduct a national search for the next city manager even though the man serving in an interim capacity has won over some city leaders.

The city council voted 6-2 to pay the recruiter GovHR USA $20,000 to look for a replacement for David Hales, who left late last year to run Joliet’s city government.

A citizens’ budget review team formed by Alderman Diana Hauman recommended the city forgo the expense because Steve Rasmussen has performed well in an interim capacity.

PODCAST: Listen to Scott Laughlin’s interview with Interim City Manager Steve Rasmussen on WJBC.

Hauman was absent from Monday’s meeting, but Aldermen Scott Black and Jamie Mathy favor an internal search.

“I think we have a perfectly good candidate in house right now, and I would prefer to see us move that direction instead,” said Mathy.

Rasmussen said he’s fine with whatever decision is made.

“I am very happy to serve in which ever position the city council might decide,” said Rasmussen.

“You don’t have to worry about me on that. At my stage in my career, I really am not interested in trying to build a resume or move to another city,” Rasmussen added.

Mayor Tari Renner said it’s standard operating procedure for cities like Bloomington to conduct a national search. He said it’s not a black mark against any internal candidate.

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