Local ministry works to combat human trafficking in McLean County

Catalyst Ministries in Bloomington is taking measures to fight human trafficking in McLean County. (Photo courtesy Facebook/Catalyst Ministries)

By Patrick Baron

BLOOMINGTON – A local organization is working to protect the women and children who fall victim to human trafficking in Central Illinois.

Julie Ryan with Bloomington’s Catalyst Ministries told WJBC’s Sam Wood despite what people may think, human trafficking occurs right here in McLean County. She explained to fight this heinous crime and protect those at risk, legislation needs to buckle down.

“As we pass more laws that will make it more risky and less than advantageous for buyers and for those that are involved in the whole network of human trafficking, we’re going to see it decrease,” said Ryan.

Ryan said they applaud the work that has already been done by legislators to decrease human trafficking, but there are still loop holes that must be tied in order to put a major dent in human trafficking.

Ryan explained despite human trafficking taking place “underground”, there are ways people can get involved with Catalyst Ministries and fight human trafficking.

“I’d encourage people to go to our website – catalystministries.net,” Ryan said. “Check out the page that talks about ways that people can help, get involved, volunteer, and be part of the solution.”

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