Bond set at $5 million for Bloomington man charged with killing wife, beating his stepson


Monroe Elbert
Monroe Elbert is being held on $5 million bond on charges he fatally stabbed his wife, and physically abused his stepson. (Photo courtesy Bloomington Police)

By Howard Packowitz

BLOOMINGTON – McLean County prosecutors disclosed in a court hearing Wednesday that a Bloomington man confessed to killing his wife after she packed her belongings and planned to leave him.

Monroe Elbert, 50, reportedly told police he followed her to the bedroom, they argued about her cell phone use, and he stabbed her multiple times.

Elbert alllegedly called police to his apartment at 610 N. McLean St., claiming he killed his wife.

Officers say they found him outside, holding a large butcher knife and wearing blood-stained clothes.

Nicole Elbert, 30, was dead at the scene, having suffered apparent trauma to her neck.

Some of murder victim Nicole Elbert’s relatives, including her mother, wept in the courtroom as Associate Judge Pablo Eves set the suspect’s bail at five million dollars.

One family member said she couldn’t understand how Monroe Elbert, who appeared on a video link, could show no emotion during the court hearing.

Authorities say Elbert also confessed to physically abusing his eight-year old stepson last year. The State’s Attorney’s office has charged him with aggravated battery to a child, in addition to the murder count.

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