Pontiac business climate looking up

Recent changes are improving the business climate of Pontiac. (Photo: File Photo)


By Cynthia Grau/WJEZ

Pontiac Mayor Bob Russell said recent changes are improving the business climate in the city.

Monday evening the Pontiac City Council discussed the business climate.

“You know, again, people were on my case big time years ago that they wanted this and that. I said you don’t get retail until you get traffic,” Russel said.

“Now we have the traffic and now it’s paying off. The businesses have noticed it and people are now willing to invest money into the buildings that were falling down. That’s a really good sign of this economy. So we’re pleased and, boy, the new store fronts look really nice,” he added.


The Mayor elaborated on his comments during a forum with our sister station WJEZ.

Cynthia Grau can be reached at news@wjez.com.


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