Normal to consider McLean County solid waste, recycling plan

McLean County’s recycling rate has leveled off at about 40 percent. (WJBC file photo)

By Eric Stock

NORMAL – Normal could take the first step on Monday night toward strengthening its recycling guidelines.

The town council is expected to adopt McLean County’s 20-year solid waste plan. Council member Scott Preston told WJBC’s Scott Laughlin that could pave the way for specific rules, such as whether landlords should be required to make recycling available at multi-family dwellings.

“That’s kind of the question, that end of the conversation takes on a little different meaning, even in Normal because we have such a high concentration of multi-family residences being (Illinois State University), a lot of student apartments.”

The town is also looking to draft a measure that would require all construction and demolition waste be recycled.

“The plan itself doesn’t have the mandate in it, but it recommends it,” Preston noted.

Preston added McLean County’s recycling rate has leveled off at about 40 percent, while the county’s landfill is nearing capacity.

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