Woman given 40 years in prison for killing her mother in Funks Grove


Christine Roush
Christine Roush of Washington will serve 40 years in prison for killing her mother in Funks Grove last July.  (McLean County Sheriff’s Department photo.)

By Howard Packowitz

A McLean County Judge sentenced a Tazewell County woman to 40 years in prison Wednesday for killing her mother in Funks Grove last summer.

In court, Christine Roush tearfully apologized to her grandparents for having to go through the trauma of burying their daughter.

Roush pleaded guilty to stabbing and strangling Teresa Poehlman, 47, of East Peoria at the Sugar Grove Nature Center in Funks Grove July 2.

“I had no right to deny Teresa her life,” said Roush.

Co-defendent Matthew Isbell told police Roush killed Poehlman to stop her from revealing Roush was a prostitute, which meant she might lose custody of her own daughter.

A jury trial for Isbell is set for May.

The forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy testified Poehlman suffered multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest, and two puncture wounds to her heart.

Judge Robert Freitag said Roush is showing genuine remorse, but he said a substantial sentence was necessary because of the cold, calculated and brutal nature of the crime.

The senselessness of the crime is mind boggling, Freitag said.

Prosecutors recommended a 50 year sentence.

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