Livingston County Farm Bureau to host Agronomy Day

Livingston County Farm Bureau Manager Jody Hughes expects a large turnout for Tuesday’s Agronomy Day. (Logo courtesy Livingston County Farm Bureau)

By Cynthia Grau

PONTIAC – Continuing education for the ag community is the theme for the Livingston County Farm Bureau Agronomy Day Tuesday at the Pontiac Elks Lodge.

The morning begins at 7:30 with registration, donuts and coffee. Livingston County Farm Bureau Manager Jody Hughes says there will be a day full of speakers.

“This is always a popular one for us,” Hughes said. “Our speakers are going to cover some of the hot topics this year. We’ve got some talking on different pest management and weed management.”

Country Financial and Evergreen FS are co-sponsoring the event. For more information, visit

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