Wind energy rep addresses noise concerns over proposed McLean County farm

Wind turbine
Invenergy is proposing a 100-turbine wind farm in northern McLean County. (Photo courtesy Pixabay)

By Breanna Lea/WMBD-TV

BLOOMINGTON – McLean County’s Zoning Board held a second hearing last night to consider the proposal for a third wind farm in the county.

Chicago-based alternative energy company, Invenergy, submitted a permit application last month to bring about 100 wind turbines to northern McLean County. They would span across about 13,000 acres in Chenoa, Gridley, Lexington and Money Creek townships.

Invenergy brought a professional to last night’s hearing to testify about the noise the turbines will make. He presented graphs showing the worse case scenario.

“It’s these nights that are kind of calm, that sound propagates the best,” said Michael Hanjard, who testified for Invenergy. “And those are the nights when the turbine noise will be louder than during the daytime, or during a stormy night.”

Community and board members expressed concerns over the estimated turbine noise. Hanjard said the turbines will meet state noise standards.


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