March for Science sees dozens voicing support for science

People from Bloomington-Normal came to show their support for science on Earth Day during the March for Science. (Photo courtesy Facebook/March For Science)

By Patrick Baron

NORMAL – In honor and celebration of Earth Day yesterday, dozens upon dozens of people came together in Uptown Circle to voice their support for the scientific community and all it provides.

The March for Science in Normal saw men, women, and children take part in it as thousands across the world took part in Marches for Science in their own respective cities and towns. Beginning in Uptown Circle, people cheered for continuing support of the scientific community before marching through Uptown, ending the march on Illinois State University’s quad. In an interview with WJBC’s Nick McClintock, Illinois State University Ecology professor Steven Juliano stressed the need for science education across the globe.

“We want to emphasize as what we see as the vital importance of science and scientific research and science education for the well being of everyone,” Juliano explained.

At the march, people held up signs calling for the support of scientific research over personal ideologies. Juliano explained the purpose of the march is to implore legislative leaders to act on what that research dictates is the best course of action not only for the Earth, but for its people.

“The best science we have available should guide the way we plan our policies and inform the decisions that we make,” said Juliano. “So we think it should be, in many ways, that science is central to the way we think about our world and the way we plan to live in it.”

The march in Normal acted as a sister march to one occurring in Washington, D.C.

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