Mean Tweets Are Not Funny And Hurt Real People [VIDEO]

Just Not Sports #MoreThanMean

#MoreThanMean is trending on Twitter because of this heartbreaking but amazing educational video posted by Just Not Sports, a podcast site that interviews sports figures about everything other than sports.

Their hot topic this week is the abuse of female sports broadcasters online. Even though my broadcasting career has not been sports specific, I have received a fair amount of attention from social media trolls just by existing as a public figure. You’ve seen them too. People, who in their anonymity online, will creatively criticize in a way that no sane human could ever imagine saying out loud. Guess what? Nobody thinks it is funny. Especially the focus of the complaint. It hurts. It is frightening. And it needs to stop being ignored.

Watch real guys read REAL comments made on TWITTER about ESPN and Sports Illustrated sports reporters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro – to their face. These men were not responsible for writing the comments, and hearing them out loud almost shocked them to tears.

Mom always said to ignore the bullies and they will go away. It isn’t working anymore. Be brave and stand up for others online by not being silent. To begin, all you have to do is say something nice!

–Susan Saunders 4/27/16



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